Why Fashion
Futures 2030?

We are part of the biggest change that humans have ever instigated. Our anthropocentric behaviour exemplifies ways of thinking and living that are unprecedented in their consequences to humanity. Fashion is a fundamental distinction of being human. As a social species, it identifies and connects us to our only source of prosperity. All fashion comes from nature, its resources and our labour are mediated by social, cultural and political relationships.

The time is now for radical change-making in those relationships. We need to draw on human ingenuity to create ways in which we can live well together, in nature. We have great capacity for creativity, yet our vision is often blinkered by habits and accepted practices which are devastatingly destructive. Whilst we have found a number of ways to make fashion more efficient in resource terms, these savings are, at best, a short term drop of lubricant in a system that is seizing up. The critical questions that we need to consider through imagining, conceiving and making connect fashion’s ecological, social, economic and cultural elements. Fashion Futures 2030 draws on practical experimentation, action research and extensive experience. We invite you to join us in this process, so that together, we can transform the fashion system to one that can help to sustain us all.

About Fashion Futures 2030

Fashion Futures 2030 toolkits have been created for industry professionals and educators to engage in critical consideration of fashion and nature through the exploration of four possible future scenarios. By engaging with these future scenarios, fashion industry and education can develop visions and commitments to guide strategy for design, business and communication.

Fashion Futures 2030 toolkits are of relevance to those teaching and working in fashion across a range of design, business and media roles and courses. The toolkits have been designed to be flexible enough to be planned and delivered as an hour-long ideation session, a one day workshop, or even a learning module.

The toolkits have been co-created by experts at C&A Foundation, Centre for Sustainable Fashion and Forum for the Future.