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Fashion Futures 2030 is a tool to help you think differently about the future for fashion and inform many areas of your work in the fashion sector. Fashion Futures 2030 can be of value to your thinking and practice across a range of roles, whether you are a designer, buyer, merchandiser, technician, journalist, sustainability specialist, media producer or other student or professional. We have created tools to help you explore different aspects of fashion futures with ways to incorporate them into your practice.

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For industry professionals

Are you interested in future-proofing the decisions you and your organisation are making? Do you find it difficult to break out of quarterly business cycles and, together with colleagues, think about the long term in your department or business? Whatever your role or responsibilities, Fashion Futures 2030 can help you challenge and innovate new future practices for an equitable fashion business.

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For educators

What are the key roles and skills for fashion designers, strategists and communicators in a world experiencing rapid change? How can educators guide students through an exploration process to visualise the fashion products, systems and services of the future? How can we look ahead to 2030 to develop personal commitments that respond today to problems of tomorrow? This toolkit provides educators with the resources to deliver a range of learning activities that enable students to speculate what the world, and fashion, might be like in the future, and contribute to visions for a thriving future.

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For students

Whether you are studying fashion or another discipline, are you interested in how fashion exemplifies our relationship with nature? Maybe you are developing your final collection or dissertation, or simply interested in a critical consideration of the challenges and opportunities of 21st century life? Fashion Futures 2030 offers a helpful resource to get you thinking and to pique your curiosity about how the future for fashion might unfold. We invite you to explore the various resources in the industry and educator toolkits above as a means to extend your critical and creative thinking.